☀️Beauty Favorites for Beating the Heat this Summer!☀️

☀️Beauty Favorites for Beating the Heat this Summer!☀️

July 18, 2019

Our Favorite Summer Beauty Picks!!
I swear, it feels like these summer temps are getting hotter & hotter! Living in FL, I've had to try a lot of products to find things that worked well in 90 degree summer heat. I want to share with you what I've found to work best so far! Click the underlined titles to shop!!
Coconut Oil
While I wouldn't recommend putting this on your face, because it will clog your pores it is hands down the most hydrating & most affordable lotion out there. You can put it on everything, in your hair, on your skin, in your food, on your pet's food, it puts the super in superfood! There's a jar residing in just about every room of my house because its has so many uses. I usually just get it at my local grocer in the cooking oils section, look for the organic kind, its better!
Obviously I'm biased here, but I do always use an exfoliator twice a week in the shower and it helps that I make my own. My favorite scents are the Lavender Coconut & the Beach Bum. I especially like the Beach Bum for morning time because it has eucalyptus & peppermint essential oils in it to help wake you up!
Again with the bias, but I break out pretty bad in the summer because of how much I'm sweating. This mud mask is amazing! You use it once a week and it helps dry out any acne that may be coming and present, but doesn't dry your face from it's natural moisture. I always follow up with a witch hazel toner & hydrating serum.
This is an excellent alternative to regular heavy foundation for daytime! The summer heat here in FL is nothing to mess with and I sweat, a lot. Maybe more than I should for a girl, but I do. And I need my makeup to stay put. While they don't advertise it as being water or smudge proof, I have found that to be! I've worn this in a variety of outdoor activities from concerts to fishing offshore and it's pretty awesome. I actually like a little more hydration for my face so I layer this on top of my normal daily moisturizer
It's full blown waterproof, need I say more? Stays put all day, doesn't crease, and feels like a lightweight concealer but achieves that full coverage look! And SO affordable! 
Now to get that flawless finish but feeling like you're barely wearing any makeup at all! This setting powder is the perfect veil to use to set you liquid face products. Lightweight & mattifying this helps to lock in you moisturizer & concealer from smudging or sweating off.
This is the perfect summertime pink! It pops on all skin tones, from fair skin to tan skin. This is that playful pink for a bright & fresh summer look!
Waterproof mascara
They all work pretty well, this is just a matter of picking your favorite mascara and just using the waterproof version. I personally love Maybelline the Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara. I like something that gives me volume & length and I find this mascara to do that without clumping and it dries quickly. 
I have long hair so most of the time you see me with my hair up in the summer time and the thought of using a hair dryer makes me sweat thinking about it. But when I need to dress up or am doing something fun & want to wear my hair down, this is my holy grail. I let my hair air dry most of the time, but it can tend to dry a little frizzy. This product helps tame that frizz and gives you a lightly tossed beach wave look. Pair it with the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray & you literally get that trendy boho beach hair that everyone has been wearing lately! 
Once my hair has dried, if I wanna amp it up a bit I will hit a few pieces with this curling wand to really give it some volume. This one is just a great tool for it's price. It only has one heat setting but its hot enough to seal in the style. And its so quick & easy to use!
Let us know some of your favorite summer beauty products in the comments!! I'm always looking for easy products that don't make me break out or look oily & sweaty. Hopefully this helps you through some of the hottest months of the year! Bye for now!

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