Vitamin Sea is the best skin therapy!
Sunkissed & Salty embraces the gifts of the ocean. We are inspired by sunkissed skin, salty hair, and sandy toes. We created this collection of all natural skincare products to make you feel wild, beautiful, & free, just like the ocean!
What you put on(and in!) your body matters! Your skin is your body's largest organ and everything you put on it gets absorbed into your bloodstream. You do not want to be lathering and exfoliating with nasty toxins found in traditional hair and skincare products. Our creations are made with ingredients that make you look and feel great, inside and out! We start with a base of organic coconut oil and all natural Dead Sea salt to detox and exfoliate the body ridding it of any impurities or toxins. Next we mix in tropical nourishing oils to replenish, hydrate, and polish the skin. Lastly, we add a heaping scoop of sunkissed & salty vibes to bring YOU the salty state of mind!

We beleive in bringing out your natural beauty, which is why we only use all natural & plant powered ingredients.

We stand by our products which contain:
*no parabens or any other preservatives
*no sodium lauryl sulfates
*cruelty free and never tested on animals
*100% vegan

And most importantly, handmade in the USA!

Drop us a note and say hello, we'd love to hear from you!